So how do we increase our energy and productivity? One of the most powerful steps is to understand what is draining you. Take a moment to answer the following questions to determine how much energy is being drained from your life: 
1. Do you frequently eat foods that are unhealthy and do not replenish and restore your body?
2. Are you regularly inactive?
3. Do you neglect to take your supplements regularly?
4. Do you frequently eat less than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?
5. Do you regularly skip meals?
6. Do you receive adequate rest and relaxation?
7. Do you frequently overeat?

1. Do you have emotional needs that frequently go unmet?
2. Do you lack personal interests that are intellectually stimulating?
3. Do you regularly talk negatively to yourself?
4. Do you set unrealistic expectations of yourself?
5. Do you regularly find yourself having emotional outbursts?
6. Are you frequently too busy?
7. Are you frequently dealing with clutter and are disorganized?

1. Do you lack fulfilling relationships?
2. Do you have unresolved conflict with others? At work, home or elsewhere?
3. Do you lack a spiritual or religious practice in your life?
4. Do you lack meaning and purpose in your life?
5. Do you lack adventure and fun in your life?
6. Are you in a relationship that compromises your values?
7. Do you have un-forgiveness towards another?

Now, award yourself 1 point for each item answered “yes”. As you look at your scores, what are the areas of your life that you see the most energy drained? Notice the areas of you life that gets the majority of your attention, what robs your energy?

Becoming aware of where our energy is going can be very revealing. Now that you are aware of what drains you, what are the things in your life that restore you energy. I would like you to make a top 10 list of the things in your life that fill you! What builds you up? What makes you feel energetic, vibrant and healthy? What makes you feel whole and alive? Maybe it is talking with a close friend, laughing, going for a walk, eating healthy, or reading.

Take some time this week to think about your life, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually, list your top 10 energizers:


I would encourage you to take some time this week to make a number of copies of your top 10 energizers and put them in your office, in your car and on your refrigerator.

Begin to ask yourself what energizing activities have you been neglecting? Determine this week to begin to choose at least one activity that will build into your life, and restore your energy levels and also choose one energy robber and eliminate from your life this week! See what happens to your energy levels!

As you begin to take care of the things that rob your energy, you’ll immediately feel an increase in your daily energy level. You’ll have more precious energy for the activities and priorities that truly build, restore and replenish your health and life!

I have found for most people, to improve and enhance one’s productivity and health, requires removing some things from their lives…taking seriously what drains you and ruthlessly eliminating these things from their lives. As we do this we make space, or what is called margin…getting rid of some things that drain us allows us the energy and the time to consider what is truly fulfilling and life enhancing! 

So this week, consider what drains you, what takes from your life? What robs your energy and your vitality? Also, consider what enhances you energy levels? What makes you feel whole and alive? Write them down….put them in front of you this week. Take some time to consider these items and next week we will look specifically at what we fuel our bodies with!

Till next time everyone, have a wonderful and energetic week!

Let us know how we can assist you in reaching your desired health and wellness goals! 

Remember to Win the Day! 
Coach Sean 

How many of us would like to experience more energy, more strength and a greater sense of vitality on a daily basis? Well, over the next few weeks we will be uncovering some secretes to maximizing our vitality and energy! Instead of feeling worn out and tired at the end of the day, too tired to take time for ourselves or others we will look at proven steps to help us experience optimal energy! Before we can discuss what enhances our energy levels we need to take a look at what robs our energy! 

Ask yourself, as you look at your life, what drains your energy? 

What robs you of getting the things you want to get done? 

What limits you in living your life with unlimited energy? 

What prevents you from connecting with the things that are truly rewarding, meaningful, purposeful and satisfying? 

For many of us who live stressful and busy lives the energy we need for our “real” priorities is usually running close to empty! Below is some compelling information from expert life coach Cheryl Richardson, and author of "Take Time for your life" who helps us understand how to assess your current energy levels. She encourages us to "Imagine that inside your body exists an inner “energy” or “fuel” gauge, like a car. As you go about your daily activities your energy gauge elevates or declines depending upon what amount of energy is available. Like a car, driving along the road, we can determine how much fuel or energy is in the gas tank by looking at our fuel gauge. If we are low, we pull over and refuel, if we have enough we may drive a little faster or longer. Similarly when we work hard or have a significant amount of stress our energy levels decrease. When we rest, or eat healthy or connect with others, or laugh our energy levels increase. Every action, every thought, every moment of our lives requires energy….and we are either restoring and replenishing ourselves or we are draining or robbing our energy reserves. Before we can truly make significant changes in our lives and live our priorities, nurturing our bodies, minds and souls…we must take some time to consider what replenishes our lives and what drains our precious resource of energy. For most of us we think of physical activities as draining our energy levels, which is true, but this is only a portion of the amount of energy drain that we experience on a daily basis. Various activities such as worrying, or arguing or procrastinating or being disorganized can significantly impact our energy levels leaving us worn out, burnt out and too tired to take care of ourselves and others!" 

 On a scale of 0-10 rate how much pressure and stress do you feel on a daily basis? 

                      0          1       2       3       4      5        6     7       8        9       10 
  No pressure                                Some Pressure                                 Can’t sleep! 

 What are the main stresses that you worry about on a regular basis: 

                  1.__________________ 2.__________________ 3.__________________ 
To what extent are the pressures and stresses of life effecting your health? Think about all aspects of your life. 
            Physically           Emotionally           Relationally           Professionally     Spiritually 

Take some time this week to consider what drains you? 

What robs your energy? 

Next time we will dive into how to begin to release more energy and vitality in our lives! 
Here's wishing you a great day and week! 

Remember to "Win the Day!" 
Coach Sean

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Amway's Nutrilite QB Camp with Kurt Warner, Steve Clarkson & Sean Foy: If you have a couple of minutes-check out this short video where future Hall of Fame Quarterback-Kurt Warner shares some key principles about how to "Be Great" and "Win the day!" I had a blast hanging out with these studs and learning a ton!  

Here is the conclusion of my series on tips to help you curb late night eating:

6. Select low calorie comfort items: If you find yourself needing a little comfort before going to bed, select a warm snack instead of a high calorie option to help with not only your craving but also promoting better sleep. Think about a cup of warm milk or sugar-free hot chocolate.

7. Out of sight out of mind: Make it a point to keep healthier food items in your home in plain sight for you and your family to see. Put out for everyone to see bowls of fruit, coolers of bottled water and baskets of protein bars and keep sodas and other sweets out of sight in difficult to get to drawers or cupboards.

8. Combine a protein with a carbohydrate: If you determine you are HUNGRY (in need of nutrients) select a protein and carbohydrate which are low in calories but high in nutrients to curb your hunger such as:
a. Fruit with almonds
b. Cottage Cheese and almonds
c. Glass of milk
d. Walnuts and Yogurt
e. 1/2 a protein shake
f. Celery and peanut butter

9. Eat breakfast for a late night snack: Select a cereal which is high in protein and fiber such as Fiber One or Kashi and add a 1/2 cup of nonfat milk or soy milk. Not only is this nutritious it will really satisfy you!

10. Remember you don’t have to be perfect to be fit!
Remember being fit does not mean you have to be perfect. When you have the occasional snack at night, don’t beat yourself up, identify what triggered your appetite, learn from it and recommit to your goal, and get back on track the next day!


Here are some more tips to help you curb late night eating: 

3. Think about your day: Before you select something out of the cupboard, think about your day and ask yourself a couple of questions: “Did I consume too little calories today?” “Did I eat small frequent meals throughout the day?” “Did I consume enough water?” “Did I enjoy my dinner?” “Did I have a tough day?” “What do I really NEED?”

4. Watch your speed: Did you know eating your dinner quickly or while watching TV can increase your desire for food later? How you might ask? Imagine drinking a glass of 5 oz. of lean turkey, ½ a baked potato and chives, 1 cup of broccoli and water all mixed together in a high speed blender)! Ugh! J A sound pretty disgusting doesn’t it? When we consume our evening meal quickly or when we are distracted with other activities without allowing our brain to absorb the meal’s flavor and texture is equivalent to drinking your dinner! How satisfying is that?

Slowing the pace at which you eat can not only reduce your food intake, but also increase your enjoyment of food.  By taking the time to savor the taste of your food and appreciate its aroma, texture and appearance, you make the process of eating much more satisfying.  If you learn to derive more pleasure from eating this way. you should be able to end each meal feeling more satisfied with less food as well as limit your late night snacking.

Below you will find some additional tips to help you learn how to slow your eating speed!

How to slow your eating speed:
a. Identify how fast you eat (Set a timer for two minutes and count how long it takes you in between bites during that period of time)
b. Minimize your distractions. Turn the TV off. Also, pay attention to what you are eating (Pay special attention to where you are sitting or standing and the taste and texture of your food.)
c. Practice Deep Breathing in between bites.
d. Put your fork down in between bites
e. Drink water or use a napkin in between bites
f.  Eat with your opposite hand (this can get messy!)
g. Enjoy conversation while eating
h. Cut food into smaller portions
i. Use a utensil to eat everything (I.e. Banana, Bread etc.)

5. Overcome the boredom: Often times when we eat late at night we are looking for something to do. If you determine you are dealing with APPETITE, consider engaging in another activity such as exercising, reading, playing a game, or going to bed early (even just brushing your teeth can help curb the APPETITE).

Stay tuned for Part III-Coming Soon

Do you ever find yourself searching through the cupboards late at night for that “something”…….you are not quite sure what it is….nor are you quite sure how you actually arrived in the cupboard, but there you are……Here are 10 tips to help you break thru late night eating! 

1. Take a breath and ask yourself: Do I NEED to eat or do I WANT to eat? On a scale of 0-10, 0 = hunger, 5 = comfortable, and 10 = stuffed, ask yourself what level of hunger your body is experiencing when you are tempted to peek in the cupboards? Remember, HUNGER is your body’s PHYSIOLOGICAL NEED for food. While APPETITE is the psychological WANT or desire to eat. Before you make your selection, listen to your body’s response. Are you experiencing symptoms of HUNGER such as (hunger pangs, light headedness, headache etc.) or are you stressed, anxious or bored just desiring something to do? After you have determined your hunger gauge and determined you are dealing with APPETITE, ask yourself, “Why do I want to eat? What triggered my desire for food?”  Was it seeing something on TV or smelling something in the kitchen, or a particular craving for a certain type of texture? By stopping and determining if you are HUNGRY or dealing with APPETITE will help you find an alternative experience other than food such as (taking a shower or bath, journaling, or talking about your day and your feelings) or following some of the other steps below.

2.  Keep a journal: Record your feelings and your hunger gauge before eating, and if you eat, also while you're eating, as well as after your snack for three days. This will help you identify specific emotions, triggers or patterns you may be dealing with.

Stay tuned for Part II-Coming Soon
We all want to be healthy, fit and happy…but it can be so hard with our hectic lives. To help you start or stick with your fitness program, ask yourself these 6 thought provoking questions from Nutrilite Health Institute behavioral coach Sean Foy to make a fitness plan that works for you! Remember, it doesn’t matter where you begin – what matters is your ability to ask the right questions and come up with a realistic plan that you can start and stick with.

#1: ‘Get real’ with yourself: Ask yourself, if I continue to live the way I am now, what does my health and wellness look like 10 years from today?" Do I like what I see 10 years from now? 

#2:  Strategize: Ask yourself, what one thing could I do that I know would make a tremendous difference to my health and fitness that I am not doing right now? What would it be? For example, lifting weights regularly? Stretching more? Walking?  

#3:  Create the plan: Ask yourself, what are my personal fitness and health goals and objectives? What do you want to accomplish? Write it down.

#4:  Break it down: Ask yourself, what three action steps I can I commit to over the next 4 weeks to help me reach my desired goals? Remember to make them realistic and measurable. For example, buying a new pair of athletic shoes or committing to walking five minutes every lunch hour is a great start!  

#5: Find a friend or coach: Ask yourself, who can I lean on for support, accountability and encouragement? 

#6: Commit! Ask yourself, "Am I ready to be "all in"? This is the most important question. Making all the plans in the world do not mean anything unless you take that first step and commit. Now is the time to make a decision to push away all excuses and delays to capture your goals and dreams! 

Once you’ve taken the time to create a written plan, put down a completion date (say, six weeks) – and get started. 
There – you’ve changed your course for a destination of optimal health and wellness!”

Let me know what you think of the 6 questions and how they can effect your fitness plan!

Remember to Win the Day!
Coach Sean
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